Apr 15

First Aid With Ginger Root

When I first began to consider which first aid herbs I would want in my camping or bug-out bag, Ginger Root came to mind. Ginger Root is a very important and versatile herb to have on hand. If supplies are cut off, Ginger Root can bring relief and aid us in many medical situations. The fresh or dried root can be used and it can be made into teabags and stored easily.

Fresh Ginger Root

I can hear you now… Tea Bags in a First Aid Kit?

Yes! I have learned that tea bags in a first aid kit have many uses. Medicinal herbal teas can bring internal relief when drank and the liquid from certain teas can be used as antiseptic wound washes. The tea bags, when filled with cooling or warming herbs can be used as compresses when placed on strains, sprains, or sore, achy muscles. Hold them in place with an ace bandage.

I like making my own tea bags using self or heat sealed tea bags because I can add the herbs I want and they come in two sizes – regular, tea bag size and a larger size for when I want to make a gallon of tea or need a larger compress. A curling rod or iron is used to seal the tea bag so they can be made in a matter of minutes. Tea bags are also small and compact making them easy to stow away.

Now, back to Ginger Root…

Ginger Root adds a lemony-pepper zip to foods and it is also a wonderful digestive aid and one of the best herbs to relieve nausea. A tasty tea after a large meal assists with indigestion, feeling too full, gas and eases stomach comfort.

It is a warming herb, rich in calcium and iron, which helps to increase circulation and is great for warming the body, especially cold hands and feet. It is a highly respected herb for joint health and is used for arthritis, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel pain and in treatments for cold, non-lubricated joints. Drinking a warm tea can ease stiff, achy muscles and joints and a warm compress made with a strong tea brings external relief.

Ginger Root is diaphoretic and is helpful in treating colds and the flu by promoting sweating.

Ginger Root can assist diabetics by regulating their blood sugar levels and stimulating pancreas cells and by lowering lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides) in the blood.

A tea drank at the slightest start of a migraine is said to bring relief and it can also relieve spasms and menstrual cramps, and can help promote menstruation.

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  1. Leona Harter, L.Ac.

    I love ginger! And I constantly recommend it to my acupuncture clients for digestion purposes. It is a very versatile herb that can be used as a tea, fresh on salads or in dressings. And I’m addicted to pickled ginger root. This is definitely one to have on hand. Thanks for the great info!

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