Apr 12

The Lowly .22

by CCCooper

In the PAW, the stories abound about the lone palladin warrior who had the finances to prep to the fullest, including a full armory of weapons with thousands upon thousands of rounds of ammunition. While entertaining and insightful, it is far from reality.

In the real world, the beginning prepper is usually just figuring out the 3 B’s and “Bullets-Guns” may not seem as high a priority to them as food/water, and medications. Nevertheless, a rifle will be purchased (Ruger 10/22 recommended) as well as ammunition. A used 10/22 can be found for $125-$150 and some very good .22s for much less. At $17.00 per 500 rounds, the lowly .22 is a very affordable item to shoot and practice with. It is easy to shoot for the large majority of men and women and it is capable of providing security (to a point) and putting food on the table. For those that are prepping on a regular basis, 500 rounds of .22LR twice a month may be very affordable. In a years’ time, 12,000 rounds can be stored with very little financial pain. A good .22 Revolver is also well within the budget of most people.

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  1. Marcella

    Thank you this is a good idea. There are lots of medicinal herbs that will replace the local drugstore in the event of a disaster. Carrying a lightweight well thought-out supply in the form of tea bags is good. I also have an assortment of organic seeds for herbs and veggies. There is ‘life after bug out!’…

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